Plugging Gerrit Security Gaps with Cycode

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Maor Davidzon
Director of R&D

Gerrit is a well-regarded, free code collaboration tool, primarily used for team code review. Its excellent integration with Git, a distributed version control system, supports a wide range of workflows, making it a go-to choice for many organizations. However, Gerrit’s lack of built-in security systems creates a gap in protecting your codebase. This is where Cycode steps in.

Security Gaps in the Market Leave Gerrit Users Unprotected

While Gerrit is a robust code review tool, it is less popular than platforms like GitHub or GitLab, which affects its security support. Security vendors prioritize platforms with larger user bases due to resource allocation. Because Gerrit has a smaller installed base, it is less supported by most security vendors. Furthermore, Gerrit’s unique, review-centric workflow may pose integration challenges with security tools designed for other workflows. Lastly, customers’ demand for Gerrit support is lower, leading vendors to focus on other features. This lack of security support could expose Gerrit users to vulnerabilities, necessitating additional security measures for their codebase.​

Cycode Security Solution for Gerrit

Cycode easily integrates with Gerrit to supplement its security. This effectively fills the gap created by the absence of built-in security and the lack of support from most security vendors. By integrating Gerrit with Cycode, you immediately gain all the functionality Cycode provides, including the ability to scan for hardcoded secrets, vulnerabilities in proprietary and open source code, and much more.

How Does Cycode Enhance Gerrit’s Security?

Cycode provides several core use cases that help secure your Gerrit-hosted code. Cycode’s use cases include the following:

  1. Hardcoded Secrets Detection: Cycode finds and blocks hardcoded secrets in pull requests, preventing accidental exposure of sensitive data​. The practice of hardcoding secrets is skyrocketing as applications increasingly must authenticate services. Cycode’s complete secrets detection solution includes comprehensive secrets scanning, prioritized remediation advice, and developer friendly workflows that prevent hardcoded secrets in the first place.
  2. Source Code Leakage Detection: Cycode identifies suspicious behavior and proprietary code exposures to reduce the risk of a source code leak​. Source code is at the core of any software company’s intellectual property. If it falls into the hands of hackers, the repercussions can be catastrophic. Cycode helps you minimize the likelihood your code will be leaked, alerts on suspicious behavior, and identifies actual leaks of your proprietary code to help you contain them quickly.
  3. Next-Gen Software Composition Analysis (SCA): Cycode’s Next-Gen SCA solution identifies vulnerable dependencies not just in your source code, but across your entire SDLC, helping to prevent breaches due to outdated or insecure components​. With Cycode SCA, you can easily create a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with just the click of a button.
  4. Static Application Security Testing (SAST): Cycode zeroes in on vulnerabilities in custom-developed code, ensuring that your applications are secure before deployment​.
    Our modern SAST solution integrates seamlessly into today’s automated DevOps processes to deliver immediate and actionable results. Cycode SAST is lightning fast, highly accurate, and enables you to identify vulnerabilities and fix them in your normal development workflows. Cycode’s deep understanding of the SDLC, from development to production, provides end-to-end context that eliminates noise and focuses your team on the findings that represent the greatest risk.
  5. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security: Cycode identifies misconfigurations in your IaC code and applies security standards to IaC tools like Terraform and Kubernetes​. IaC fixes are made directly within developer workflows, ensuring configurations are secure and adhere to best practices.


Integration of Cycode with Gerrit

One of the most important benefits of Cycode is how easy it is to integrate with Gerrit. The Cycode-Gerrit integration can be completed in just a few simple steps. This seamless integration allows organizations to quickly bolster their security without disrupting existing workflows or adding unnecessary complexity.  

Cycode Makes Gerrit More Secure

Gerrit is an excellent tool for code collaboration and review. Unfortunately, it lacks built-in security features. With Cycode’s easy integration, you can enhance your Gerrit-hosted code security, providing a robust line of defense from code to cloud in a world where cybersecurity threats are increasingly common and more dangerous.


Interested in learning about how Cycode can help you make your Gerrit instance more secure by giving you world class application security, software supply chain security, cloud security, and more? Book a demo today.