Gain comprehensive visibility into
your on-prem and cloud-based
source code repositories.
Detect and rapidly respond to code
theft, loss, and misuse

Introducing the First Source Code Control,
Detection, and Response Solution

Cycode delivers IT security teams with visibility across all on-
premise and cloud Source Code Management systems and
automatically detects anomalies in source code access,
movement, and manipulation. Cycode lets you rapidly and
effectively respond to threats as they materialize by implementing
new security controls and adjusting existing ones.

Immediate Visibility

Seamlessly connect the platform to your SCM providers and repositories to gain immediate and total visibility into your enterprise’s entire source code inventory.

Real-Time Risk Detection

Automatically detect anomalies in source code access, movement, and manipulation and receive focused alerts and insights with Cycode’s patent-pending Source Path Intelligence engine.

Centralized Control

Control access and permissions across all of your SCMs from a single platform to eliminate unnecessary and unsecured access and build air-tight authorization workflows.

Protect Your Source Code in Minutes

Learn how you can gain visibility into all of your organization’s
source code to protect it from theft and loss.

Bridging the Gap Between Security Teams and Developers.

Cycode was built by developers and security experts with the needs of both in mind. The platform empowers security teams to survey, manage, and protect key assets found in source code repositories while maintaining developer flexibility and productivity.

Cycode connects to all of the organization’s on-premise and cloud SCMs and code repositories, providing ongoing visibility into its complete source code inventory.

The Cycode Source Path Intelligence engine then continuously monitors all of these systems and automatically analyzes access, movement, and other changes to source code files.

When threats are detected, Cycode notifies IT security teams through automated alerts sent to the organization’s existing security tools and processes.