Development Infrastructure
from Code to Cloud

A platform for access control & configuration management protecting source code from theft, leakage & tampering.

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Secure Your Infrastructure
in Each Phase of the SDLC


Harden your source control management systems (SCM)
and prevent code leakage


Scan your CI/CD settings and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
for security misconfiguration


Identify drift between production systems IaC configurations and prevent source code tampering

Code leak

Prevent Theft & Leakage of Your
Most Valuable Asset: Code

Stop developers from inadvertently exposing proprietary code in public repositories, fingerprint code assets and proactively identify exposure on public sites.

Access Review

A Single Source of Truth for Code
Repository Access & Authorization

Inventory assets, enforce security policies and easily demonstrate compliance across all your source control management systems (SCM) both in the cloud and on-premises.

IaC Scanning

Secure Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
Configurations & Production Systems

Scan IaC for security misconfigurations and ensure compliance between defined IaC configurations and production infrastructure.


Prevent Developers from
Writing Secrets into Code

Scan every commit or pull/merge request for hard-coded secrets and prevent them from reaching
the master branch across all SCMs and programming languages.

Free Code Repo
Risk Assessment

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  • Search public repos for your proprietary source code
  • Find hard-coded secrets such as tokens, keys & credentials
  • Audit access policies & demonstrate compliance
  • Identify redundant access & stale accounts

Manage continuously
To Secure at the Speed of DevOps

Total visibility for all your development infrastructure across each phase of your software development lifecycle.

Pre-Built Integrations
for Seamless Workflows

Cycode integrates with all major issue tracking, ticketing, SIEM and alerting tools to securely manage your DevOps pipeline without disrupting your current workflows across all of your SCMs, IaC and production systems, regardless of programming language.

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