Secrets Detection and Scanning
by Cycode

Continuously scan, detect and remediate every hidden secret across your
SDLC and developer productivity tools

Used by leading security teams

{ visibility }

Scan Code & Beyond to
Find All Your Exposed Secrets

Secrets hide in a lot of places that aren’t just source code. Make sure you find and fix them all.

AI powered secrets detection 

Extend secrets detection across ticketing, documentation, and messaging tools

Identify secrets across the SDLC

Pre-defined rules to detect secrets for both known and proprietary services

{ Prioritization }

Not All Secrets
Are Created Equal

Prioritize your riskiest secrets so you can fix your biggest threats first.

Validate the status of your secrets activity

Secrets risk scoring based on potential impact and exposure

Leverage code context to reduce any false detections

Monitor secrets exposure in private or public repos

{ Remediation }

Prevent Secrets Exposure with
Developer Friendly Workflows

Enable your developers to detect and remove hardcoded secrets directly within their existing tools, enhancing security without disrupting workflow.

Detect and remediate right within the IDE

Streamline remediation workflows through ticketing tool integrations

Auto-resolve remediated secrets

Connect into the CI/CD workflow with Cycode CLI

Detect, block, and monitor secrets in the PR

Deep Diving Resources

Analyst Research

Secrets Management
And DevOps

Solution Brief

A Complete Hardcoded
Secrets Solution