Faster, Accurate,
Developer-Friendly SAST

Enhance the security of your code from the get-go with static application security testing (SAST) designed by developers, for developers.

Used by leading security teams

{ Scanning }

Continuous Scanning Built
for DevOps Velocity

Keep delivering software fast with 31% faster SAST scanning that enables you to find and fix vulnerabilities in code without
disrupting the speed of development.

Continuously scan every code change

OWASP top 10 vulnerability detection

Customizable detection logic

{ Remediation }

AI-Driven Context
for Faster Remediation

Find customized explanations ready and waiting for every security issue. Leverage Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG) for AI-enabled code to cloud traceability across the SDLC, providing insights from development to production. No more wasting developers’ time on non-critical findings.

AI-suggested code fixes

AI-powered context via the RIG

Enhanced precision for the most accurate results

{ Experience }

Unparalleled Coverage &
Developer Experience

Developer friendly static code analysis for security and privacy. Cycode supports all the modern and legacy programming languages so you can consistently enforce security standards across all your apps from a single platform.

Built-in rules for each language 

Live terminal execution

Language support for Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, GO, and many more. 

Deep Diving Resources


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Solution Brief

SAST - Static Application
Security Testing