Source Code Leakage Detection

Identify suspicious behavior and detect proprietary code exposures
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Top 15 Most Important Source Code Leaks
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Identify Suspicious Behavior
and Detect Proprietary Code Exposures

Source code is at the core of any software company’s intellectual property; if it falls into the hands of hackers, the repercussions can become tangible very quickly. Cycode helps you minimize the likelihood and risk of code leakage, alerts on suspicious behavior and identifies actual leaks of your proprietary code to help you contain them quickly.

Source Code Leakage Detection

Reduce Business & Security Risks

Prevent code leaks using a number of interconnected techniques that reduce the likelihood of a breach that would expose valuable intellectual property and trade secrets, tip off competitors to product roadmaps and feature announcements; or allow attackers to examine code bases for further weaknesses to exploit.

Proactively Identify Proprietary Code in Public Repos

Automatically fingerprint your proprietary repos and continuously scan public repos and code sharing sites for your proprietary code. If your code ends up on these sites, Cycode automatically alerts you so you can remove it.

Source code leakage detection is key to executing a successful contingency plan. Cycode workflows may be used to send alerts, create tickets, and automatically resolve the exposure of private resources.

Source Code Leakage Detection
Source Code Leakage Detection

Identify Anomalous and Suspicious User Activity

Get ahead of leaks by finding anomalous activity that may either cause or be a precursor to a leak. Cycode learns your SDLC’s normal behavior, including user activity, repository access patterns, and more, and then automatically identifies and alerts on abnormal activity.

Minimize Code Leakage Exposure and Impact

Take a proactive, risk reduction approach to code leakage in order to reduce a leak’s impact and likelihood of developing into a breach

Harden Security Postures

Harden Security Postures

Hardening your authentication settings and source control configurations can help prevent accidental leaks and reduce the risk of code being exposed.

Enforce Least Privilege

Enforce Least Privilege

Enforcing least privilege policies reduces unnecessary code acces and thus limits the number of people who possess the ability to knowingly or accidentally leak code.

Detect Hardcoded Secrets

Detect Hardcoded Secrets

Automated hardcoded secrets scanning helps developers find and fix secrets that if exposed via a code leak might lead to a breach.

Complete Software
Supply Chain Security

Cycode provides visibility, security, and integrity across all phases of the SDLC. Cycode hardens your SDLC’s security posture by implementing consistent governance, and reduces the risk of breaches with a series of scanning engines that look for issues like hardcoded secrets, code leaks, SCA, misconfigurations, SAST and more.

Cycode’s Knowledge Graph tracks code integrity, user activity, and events across the SDLC to prioritize risk, find anomalies, and prevent code tampering.

Cycode Solutions

Pre-Built Integrations
for All Your DevOps Tools

Pre-built integrations typically deploy in 2-3 clicks and less than 1 minute to deliver immediate value and allow maximum agility across all of the tools that make up your SDLC.

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Source Code Leakage Detection

Code leaks have consequences that impact business operations