Proactively Detect and Prevent Code Leaks.

Identify suspicious behavior and detect any publicly exposed proprietary code
before it impacts the business.

Used by leading security teams

{ Prevention }

Prevent Code Leaks
& Reduce Business Risk

Reduce the likelihood of exposed code, IP, or secrets. Don’t give attackers the opportunity to examine your code base for any exploitable weaknesses.

Proactive auditing of suspicious code access patterns

Auto-detect tool misconfigurations

{ Identification }

Find Your Proprietary Code in Public Repos Before an Attacker Does

Automatically fingerprint proprietary repos and continuously scan both public repos and code sharing sites for leaked code.

Continuous public domain scanning

Enhanced detection with intelligent keyword tracking, including user-defined keywords

Automatic secrets scanning in public repos

Auto resolve leaked source code

{ Detect }

Detect Any
Anomalous Activity

Identify insider threats by learning how users interact with tools in the SDLC then automatically detect high-risk deviations from learned baselines—like cloning code from unknown locations or cloning excessive repos within a short period of time.

Identify when repos change from private to public

Detect malicious behavior like mass downloading or cloning repos

Analyze leaks to surface only real threats

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Top 25+ Source Code Leaks,

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