Rethinking Your Source Code Security Strategy

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DMCA & Source Code Leaks_ Modern Enterprises’ Biggest Concern

GitHub allows companies to protect their source code from being reused without permission. So how has DMCA affected source code and an increase in leaks?

The Bad Coding Habits That Leave Your Source Code Exposed (1)

What happens when developers who lack experience or skills are the ones with access to the organization’s intellectual property that is your source code?That’s right. Your source code is now in the danger zone.

Life After A Source Code Leak

While many source code leaks are due to the nefarious deeds of hackers, the cause isn’t always a technical glitch. Some leaks are due to social engineering (cleverly deceiving an employee to share information), carelessness (an employee storing their work on personal devices), or worse, a disgruntled former employee stealing source code on their way out the door.

Security Best Practices for Gitlab

Gitlab is an open-source power player in the SCM market, but when features sets expands, so do problems so it’s always better to review and update security settings to ensure your source code is secured using these best practices.

Why Is Source Code So Hard To Protect?

Source code is the most valuable resource in your organization – it’s the company’s IP, the secret sauce. So why is securing source code so often neglected? Learn more about the vulnerabilities of the source code sprawl and how you can secure your source code.

How to keep your Bitbucket secure from hackers

Collaboration is an essential element when developing any type of new security methodology. It’s also