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Free & Open Code Security (SAST) for Developers

Bearer CLI is a code security (SAST) tool that scans your code and data to discover, filter and prioritize security and privacy risks.

  • Extensive language support 
  • Built-in rules
  • Built-in CI/CD and CLI integration

Open Source Pipeline
Security for GitHub Actions

Raven revolutionizes CI/CD security with its open source scanner, designed for GitHub Actions.

  • Detect workflows and associated GitHub dependencies
  • Unique vulnerability indexing, detection, and remediation
  • Deliver reports right within Slack

Your CI/CD
Build Security Superhero

Cimon is the easiest way for your team to monitor & prevent supply chain attacks in your CI pipeline before they happen.

  • Proactively monitor attacks powered by eBPF
  • Monitor & secure your software supply chain
  • Developer loved

Cygives Brings Together a Collection of Free & Open Tools
Designed to Empower Developers

Cygives Brings Together a Collection of Free & Open Tools Designed to Empower Developers with Robust, Accessible, and Innovative Security Solutions from Code to Cloud. This initiative is designed to be more than just a toolkit; it's a collaborative community that invites developers from all backgrounds to engage, enhance, and evolve their practices to meet modern security challenges head-on.

By leveraging the collective expertise of the global development community, Cygives aims to democratize software security, making it straightforward and free for developers everywhere to integrate high-level security features within their organizations. Join us as we build safer software, one line of code at a time.

Why the Free & Open Approach to the Community?

Cygives is founded on the belief that open and free resources are pivotal in fostering innovation and security in software development. We advocate for these principles because they promote transparency, community collaboration, and rapid advancement—allowing developers around the world to build upon secure, vetted foundations without barriers. This approach not only accelerates technological development but also empowers developers and their organizations with free access to top-tier security tools.