Open Source Risk Management & Security
Designed for Devs.

Cycode Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is the most advanced way for Security & Dev to scan, prioritize, and remediate application code for vulnerable open source dependencies.

Used by leading security teams

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Continuously Scan for Vulnerable
Open Source Dependencies

Automatically monitor your code and build modules for vulnerabilities or license violations before it goes into production.

Code Dependency Scanning

Pipeline Dependency Scanning 

License Risk Identification

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Stay Focused on the Open Source
Risks That Matter Most

Prioritize vulnerabilities that may lead to the biggest impact on the business — all while tracing back to its root cause, code owner, and path into production.

Risk Scoring

Reachability Analysis

Code to Cloud Traceability

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Get Shipped Done Fast with
Developer Friendly Workflows

Automate open source vulnerability fixes in one-click with all the context, upgrades, and patches for your devs right within their Workflows via PR scan, CLI, or IDE.

Remediation Context 

Issue Tracking Integrations 

Bulk Remediation

SBOMs in Seconds

Always maintain an up-to-date SBOM, and keep up with the speed of DevOps — where your components and their versions are always changing.

Choose your organizations & assets

Generate in SPDX or CycloneDX format

Complete Visibility
into All Your
Open Source Vulnerabilities

Select & connect your open source vulnerabilities and SCA tool of choice with the Cycode ASPM — all while providing you with the visibility, prioritization & remediation that your organization needs to help standardize your AppSec program at scale.

Deep Diving Resources

Cheat Sheet

Software Composition Analysis Cheat Sheet

Solution Brief

Next-Gen SCA - Software Composition Analysis