IaC Security for Security

and Development Teams.

Prevent cloud misconfigurations and apply security standards to
Kubernetes, Terraform, CloudFormation, ARM & more.

Used by leading security teams

{ drift protection }

Monitor and Keep Tabs
On Any Configuration Drift

Continuously compare IaC configurations with those in production so you can identify drift. Find situations where configurations are no longer aligned and operating in an insecure way. Alert the right teams so these environments can be fixed.

Automated IaC security scanning

Alert your team on any misconfigurations

{ visibility }

Identify All Your
Cloud Misconfigurations

Let your devs easily find and fix IaC misconfigurations through Cycode’s continuous scanning. Uncover alerts for your team across hundreds of misconfiguration types such as publicly accessible storage buckets, non-encrypted critical data, weak password policies, non-rotated encryption keys and more. 

Continuous scanning of every code change

Customizable detection logic

{ Prioritization }

Focus on the
Misconfigs that Matter Most

Prioritize your riskiest misconfigs so you can make sure nothing slips through the cracks and impacts the business.

Risk scoring engine

Impact & exposure level prioritization

{ Developer Friendly }

Free Flowing IaC Scanning
within Developer Workflows

Scan new commits and merge requests for misconfigurations in compliance with NIST, CIS, or any custom built rules. If scans return IaC policy violations, Cycode automatically presents the results to developers and the code fix needed to remedy the issue.

Automated PR fixes

Self-serve development workflows

{ Remediation }

Automate Fixes with
All the Context You Need

Automatically open pull requests with the code fix needed to remediate the specific misconfigurations detected in your IaC. This keeps your developers focused on efficiency and your infrastructure in line with best practices.

Auto-resolve remediated vulnerabilities 

Remediation context and guidelines right within your developers IDE

Connect into the CI/CD workflow with Cycode CLI

Detect, block, and monitor vulnerabilities in the PR

Streamline remediation workflows through ticketing tool integrations

Deep Diving Resources

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Infrastructure Configuration
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Solution Brief

Infrastructure as
Code Security