Infrastructure as Code Security
Prevent cloud misconfigurations and apply security standards to Kubernetes, Terraform, CloudFormation & more

Detect & Prevent Misconfigurations
With Every Pull Request

Infrastructure as code (IaC) tools boost teams’ efficiency by automating provisioning, however they also amplify mistakes. Any misconfigurations in IaC code can end up being replicated across cloud environments, at scale. Cycode enables IaC misconfiguration to be easily found and fixed directly within developer workflows to ensure configurations are secure and adhere to best practices.

Find IaC Misconfigurations

Find IaC Misconfigurations

Help developers easily find and fix IaC misconfigurations with automated scanning that uncovers and alerts your team to hundreds of misconfigurations like publicly accessible storage buckets, critical data that is not encrypted at rest, weak password policies and non-rotated encryption keys.

Embed Scanning In
Developer Workflows

Scan new commits and merge requests for misconfigurations and adherence to industry IaC best practices like NIST and CIS or custom build rules. If scans return IaC policy violations, Cycode automatically presents the results to developers along with the code fix needed to remediation the issue.

Embed Scanning In Developer Workflows
Automate Remediation

Automate Remediation

Automatically open pull requests with the code fixes needed to remediate the specific misconfigurations detected in your IaC. This keeps your developers focused on efficiency and your infrastructure inline with best practices.

Identify Configuration Drift

Continuously compare IaC configurations to those in production infrastructure to identify drift — a situation where the configurations are no longer aligned, often in an insecure way. If found, Cycode alerts your teams so these environments can be remediated.

Identify Configuration Drift
Knowledge Graph

Complete Software
Supply Chain Security

Cycode provides visibility, security, and integrity across all phases of the SDLC. Cycode hardens your SDLC’s security posture by implementing consistent governance, and reduces the risk of breaches with a series of scanning engines that look for issues like hardcoded secrets, misconfigurations, code leaks and more.

Cycode’s knowledge graph tracks code integrity, user activity, and events across the SDLC to prioritize risk, find anomalies, and prevent code tampering.

Pre-Built Integrations for All Your DevOps Tools

Pre-Built Integrations
for All Your DevOps Tools

Pre-built integrations deploy in less than a minute to deliver immediate value and allow maximum agility across all of the tools that make up your SDLC.