A CISOs Perspective; How to Make Application Security a Growth Driver

SEP. 27, 2023

Wednesday, 27 September, 11am EDT

Digital transformation is old news and every company is a software company experiencing a ‘code boom’. Whether it’s proprietary code, open source or even AI generated code, one thing is clear. Application security has never been a more critical business priority. But how do you overcome an unmanageable attack surface, and break the security-developer silos to unlock, not block growth?

We’re hosting Lacework’s Field CISO, Merrit Baer to get her best practices on how to make your application security program a growth driver. With previous experience in the CISO office at AWS and now Lacework, don’t miss Merritt’s strategies for building an AppSec program that focuses on what really matters to business.

You’ll hear:

  • How AppSec has evolved and what KPIs matter to the board 
  • Building Sec, Dev, DevOps harmony, not a total ‘shift-left’ approach
  • How to leverage AppSec risk management as a competitive differentiator

Presented by:

Alex Ilgayev
Julie Peterson
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Alex Ilgayev
Merritt Baer
Field CISO, Lacework

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