Universal CNAPP Traceability Now Possible with Cycode’s Complete ASPM and ConnectorX

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We’re excited to announce 10 new ConnectorX connectors that allow customers to ingest cloud security vulnerabilities from their existing CNAPP tools to leverage Cycode’s industry-leading prioritization and remediation capabilities of our ASPM platform and Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG).

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are faced with an ever-growing array of security threats. Organizations must remain vigilant and take a collaborative approach to application security to ensure ongoing security resilience. At Cycode, we’ve helped our customers’ deliver safe code faster by implementing this collaborative philosophy via our Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Cycode’s complete ASPM platform now offers connectors into 10 commonly used cloud security platforms. We are combining the strengths of Cycode’s comprehensive ASPM visibility with partner-provided cloud security context to accelerate the journey toward delivering a more secure and efficient risk posture for all organizations.

Cycode customers can use ConnectorX with the following cloud security products: 

  • Wiz
  • Palo Alto Networks Prisma
  • Aqua Security
  • Orca Security
  • Sophos CloudOptix
  • AWS Security Hub
  • Defender for Cloud
  • Sysdig
  • Lacework
  • Sonrai Security

Connect the SDLC to Your Cloud Environments

The cloud security landscape is ever changing with a growing volume of sophisticated threats. As enterprises cope with this reality, the ability to gain visibility across your environment, quickly prioritize issues, and enable your development teams to remediate application security vulnerabilities is crucial. Cycode has always been at the forefront of securing the software development lifecycle with its complete ASPM

By adding the visibility and context from a customer’s cloud environment, we seamlessly link and provide context between your application code itself and the runtime protection for its environment. This capability represents a leap forward in our ability to provide customers with universal CNAPP traceability. It delivers a unified, context-rich view of security posture, enabling more effective risk prioritization, swift remediation, and proactive governance.

Prioritize Cloud Vulnerabilities with Cycode’s RIG 

Cycode Risk Intelligence Graph delivers code to cloud traceability

Given the complexity of modern production environments, prioritizing the most critical risks and fixing them fast is a formidable challenge. Cycode’s new cloud security connector significantly streamlines this process. Using Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG) — which automatically generates comprehensive context and prioritizes each vulnerability — cloud security insights can be directly linked to application code within Cycode. This includes crucial details such as the root cause of vulnerabilities, the specific repository they reside in, and the code owner responsible for remediation.

Organizations are also equipped to identify and address vulnerabilities with unparalleled accuracy and speed, allowing teams to direct their attention and resources to the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest impact to the business. This means that customers can not only pinpoint critical vulnerabilities with greater precision but also understand the broader context of how these vulnerabilities interact with their cloud environment.

Drive Security Outcomes Faster

Cycode Risk Scoring dashboard showing severity of a vulnerabilty

Cycode helps companies tackle their security challenges proactively instead of reactively. Using the global risk scoring engine, remediation efforts deliver heightened security posture faster by focusing on mitigating the most significant risks.

In addition to helping your team focus on the highest priority risks, Cycode’s complete ASPM provides you the full context and traceability to begin remediating. Cycode’s complete ASPM immediately pinpoints the developer responsible for the cloud vulnerability detected, accelerates response times, and improves security posture.  

Beyond attribution of responsibility to a developer, Cycode also has automated workflows that generate a Jira ticket, assign it to the relevant developer, and drive accountability to fix the vulnerability in a timely manner. This not only facilitates quick and effective remediation but also embeds efficiency into the fabric of the development lifecycle — especially when the organization is trying to keep up with the speed of innovation. 

Unlock Universal CNAPP Traceability

With a set of leading connectors, Cycode now enables organizations to unlock universal CNAPP traceability. By harmonizing application security and cloud visibility, we’re not just addressing the current challenges faced by businesses, but delivering a reality where security is seamlessly integrated into every aspect across the SDLC.

Cycode’s complete approach to ASPM provides security and dev teams with instant visibility, intelligent prioritization through our RIG, and a balanced controlled shift left approach, ensuring secure, high-velocity development in today’s fast-paced development environments.

Discover How Cycode Can Help

If you’re excited to discover how your security and dev teams can achieve peace of mind with the only complete ASPM, don’t hesitate to get in touch and take it for a test drive!

Book a demo now to find out how we can help you achieve faster time to value, reduce critical vulnerabilities, and remediate faster.

Originally published: April 25, 2024