Cycode + Wiz: Bringing Cloud Security into Your Complete ASPM via ConnectorX

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Cycode announces a new partnership with Wiz, a leader in cloud security.

At Cycode we’re big believers in that application security is a team sport. We’ve seen first-hand how our customers’ teams are able to deliver safe code, faster — but only when this exact philosophy is at the foundation of its program. We also know that having the right set of tools, but also having the visibility into them is critical for the overall security posture of the organization. 

We’re excited to announce our partnership between Cycode, the only complete Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform, and Wiz, a leader in cloud security. Through our innovative ConnectorX point and click connector, we are bringing the strengths of Cycode’s comprehensive ASPM visibility and Wiz’s robust cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) together to help unify application and cloud security. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey toward a more secure and efficient security and risk posture for organizations.

Better Together with a More Unified Security Posture

Cycode violations page showing Wiz vulnerabilities

The cloud security landscape is constantly evolving, with threats becoming more sophisticated and the boundaries between application code and cloud infrastructure increasingly blurred. Cycode has always been at the forefront of securing the software development lifecycle with its complete ASPM. Wiz, on the other hand, has transformed the way businesses secure their cloud deployments with its comprehensive CNAPP. 

By bringing together Cycode and Wiz, we aim to dismantle silos, facilitating a seamless flow of cloud security visibility and context between your application code and cloud infrastructure. This integration represents a leap forward in our ability to provide mutual customers with a unified, context-rich view of their security posture, enabling more effective risk prioritization, swift remediation, and proactive governance.

Prioritizing Wiz Vulnerabilities with the Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG)

Using Cycode's Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG) to query Wiz data

In the complex landscape of production environments, identifying the most critical risks and pinpointing exactly where and by whom they should be addressed is a formidable challenge. With the integration of Cycode and Wiz, this process is significantly streamlined. Now, cloud security insights uncovered by Wiz can be directly linked to the specific context of application code within Cycode, including crucial details such as the root cause of vulnerabilities, the specific repository they reside in, and the code owner responsible for their remediation.

Organizations are also equipped to identify and address vulnerabilities with unparalleled accuracy and speed — allowing teams to direct their attention and resources to the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest impact to the business. This means that customers can not only pinpoint critical vulnerabilities with greater precision but also understand the broader context of how these vulnerabilities interact with their cloud environment.

Remediation with Blistering Speed

Cycode shows a critical vulnerability in a container image

Cycode and Wiz together revolutionizes the approach to security remediation, shifting from a reactive to a proactive strategy. Cycode’s complete ASPM provides you the visibility — but allows you to immediately pinpoint the developer responsible for the Wiz vulnerability, bridging critical information gaps and accelerating the response times. 

This immediate attribution of responsibility is complemented by an automated workflow that generates and assigns a Jira ticket to the relevant developer, ensuring that the issue is given the proper accountability. This not only facilitates quick and effective remediation but also embeds efficiency into the fabric of the development lifecycle — especially when the organization is trying to keep up with the speed of innovation. And with the global risk scoring engine, remediation efforts are not only faster, but smarter — focusing on mitigating the most significant risks and optimizing resource allocation for maximum security posture of the organization at all times.


The partnership between Cycode and Wiz allows organizations for code to cloud visibility and a more accurate view of their overall security posture. By harmonizing application security and cloud infrastructure, we’re not just addressing the current challenges faced by businesses; we’re laying the foundation for a future where security is seamlessly integrated into every aspect across the SDLC.

Cycode’s complete approach to Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) unites Security and Dev teams with instant visibility, intelligent prioritization through the Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), and a balanced Controlled Shift Left approach, ensuring secure, high-velocity development in today’s fast-paced landscape.

If you’re excited to discover how your Security and Dev teams can achieve Peace of Mind with the only complete ASPM, don’t hesitate to get in touch and take it for a test drive! Book a demo now to find out how we can help you achieve faster time to value, reduce critical vulnerabilities, and remediate faster.