Introducing Executive Dashboard: Unparalleled Visibility Built Into Your Complete ASPM

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Just think about your own personal finances. Understanding your credit score involves knowing what debts you owe, how timely you are with payments, and how your financial decisions affect your overall score. 

This process is not just about numbers; it’s about gaining control, insight, and foresight into your financial health. Now, translate that level of control and visibility to the realm of your organization’s security posture, where the stakes are high, and your environment is fraught with critical and high violations demanding attention, their lingering durations, and the imperative of precise assignment statuses. 

We also recognize the complexity and challenges inherent in the security team’s daily routine — especially the fact that reporting upward is not only time-consuming but also challenging in effectively communicating to executives the impact of their work and when there’s need for additional resources. In order to address this, we provide a unified overview through an executive lens, enabling quick and informed decisions to help improve cultural habits and promote effective teamwork.   

This is why we’re excited to introduce Cycode’s all-new Executive Dashboard. 

Just as your credit score and spending habits provide a snapshot of your current financial health, Cycode’s all-new Executive Dashboard starts with a complete overview of your organization’s security posture built right within its complete ASPM platform.

Enhanced Visibility and Risk Management for Scale 

Cycode Executive Dashboard - Visibility and Risk Management View

The Executive Dashboard offers a panoramic view of your organization’s security posture in real-time. All violations from Cycode’s native scanners or any third party security tools via ConnectorX appear in a single prioritized view, so you’ll always know where to start.  

Cycode’s Executive Dashboard details all your critical and high vulnerabilities, similar to spotting red flags on your credit report. This enables proactive management of any security risks similar to how you’d address negative items on your credit report so you can make sure to get your financial standing back on track.

To focus on the most critical violations, here’s what you’ll always know in real-time: 

  • Violation status How many violations are open, and how many of them are already assigned to relevant stakeholders?
  • Violations by severity – How many violations need immediate attention? 
  • Violations by age – How many violations suffer from a lack of attention? Or a potential bottleneck needing further investigation. 

Operational Efficiency and Resource Allocation Designed for Speed

Cycode Executive Dashboard - Operational Efficiency and Resource Allocation Designed for Speed

You can think of this section of the Executive Dashboard as leveraging credit wisely and managing debts more efficiently. Enabling PR scanning and ensuring your vulnerabilities are quickly addressed reduces the “debt” of any unmanaged risks, similar to how paying off debts and keeping low credit utilization improves your credit score. 

This strategic approach not only minimizes the “interest” — in this case, the time and resources spent on managing violations later — but also enhances the “creditworthiness” of your organization’s security posture.

These are some of the trends you’ll be able to navigate and keep tabs on: 

  • Prevented violations in PRs – How many violations are immediately fixed through the pull request workflow to help reduce the risk to the organization’s assets and crown jewels?
  • Detected new violations – How many violations does the organization need to deal with on a daily/monthly basis? 
  • Remediated & resolved violations – How many violations has the organization successfully addressed and closed?
  • Executive dashboard filters – Allows you to drill down and focus on specific use cases, projects, or risk levels. 

All of these trends are here to help you understand how to automate, prevent, and reduce the amount of work and effort needed to continue improving your security posture.

Progress Tracking and Optimization with Purpose 

Cycode Executive Dashboard - Progress Tracking and Optimization with Purpose

Just as you would track your credit score’s progress over time to find areas for improvement and further action, the Executive Dashboard allows for the monitoring of key performance metrics like reduced violations and shorter MTTR. This ongoing evaluation and adjustment process is similar to adjusting financial behaviors to improve your credit score, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the security environment, just as one would work toward achieving and maintaining a high credit score.

Also, integral to the process is the Executive Dashboard’s capability of showing segments you’ve created in Cycode which mirror your organizational assets by applications, teams, and their business impact. This segmentation allows for a focused approach on securing the most critical applications or assets, prioritizing tasks based on both business necessity and security risk. By understanding and prioritizing this way, the business now also has visibility to know which teams to prioritize in order to reduce MTTR, minimize risk, and align your security initiatives with key business objectives.

Here’s some of the insight into progress you’ll have at your fingertips:

  • Total projects – How many projects have at least one risk compared to well-maintained projects without any risk?
  • Low performance – Where is my asset/business suffering from security risk with low attention?
  • Top performance – Which of my projects performed the best, and can I learn from it to implement this knowledge in more projects and secure better business? 

Take Visibility and Security Posture to the Next Level 

Just like having careful management with visibility of every credit transaction and spending habits is essential for financial well-being, the strategic use of Cycode’s Executive Dashboard is crucial for maintaining and improving an organization’s security posture. Organizations can enjoy enhanced risk management, improved operational efficiency, track progress over time, and easily share with management inside your organization for peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you’re excited to take our new Executive Dashboard for a spin, book a demo today.

Originally published: February 13, 2024