ConnectorX and Application Security Testing: Achieving a Complete ASPM with Cycode

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Fifteen new application security connectors for ConnectorX position Cycode as the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible ASPM solution.

Businesses today must contend with ever-expanding attack surfaces where security threats come from every angle. To achieve cyber resiliency, organizations must remain alert and approach to application security as a team sport. At Cycode, we help our customers deliver safe code faster via our Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform.

Cycode’s mission is to deliver peace of mind to our customers. We are excited to announce 15 new connectors into commonly used application security tools across all stages of the SDLC. These connectors augment Cycode’s native scanning capabilities and leading Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG) with third-party application security visibility. The result: we deliver the industry’s only Complete ASPM Platform. Unlike other ASPM solutions, Cycode’s singular focus on AppSec along with our comprehensive platform delivers unmatched precision in risk prioritization and economic optionality for our customers.

Cycode customers can use ConnectorX with the following application security products shown in the following table.

A Differentiated Approach: Enriching Third-Party AppSec Data With Cycode Native Scanners and ConnectorX

Third-party findings are correlated and deduplicated before ingestion into Cycode Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG)

Cycode Complete ASPM encompasses native scanning tools across various stages of the SDLC. This includes SAST, SCA, Secrets scanning, IaC scanning, and Container scanning. We also integrate with other third-party application security tools. Cycode is the only platform to offer this choice to customers. We deliver a better technical solution, while also providing economic flexibility around our customers’ long-term application security strategy.

The native scanning capabilities in Cycode’s platform allow us to construct a baseline view of the risk in your environment. By ingesting data from third-party connectors, we have the ability to contextualize these findings against our baseline and provide more accurate prioritization of these issues. Unlike those ASPM tools that lack native scanning capabilities, our platform allows us to contextualize the data we’re pulling in to deliver better insights to our customers.

Additionally, Cycode’s native scanners give customers the long-term choice for how they want to implement their ASPM. As a table-stakes ASPM capability, Cycode integrates with other AppSec solutions to provide complete visibility, prioritization, and remediation. However, our approach also gives enterprises the flexibility to consolidate their AppSec tooling and reduce costs in our current economic environment. 

Cycode gives you the best of both worlds. If you have existing AppSec solutions you like, you don’t need to replace them. If you’re looking to reduce costs and consolidate your AppSec tools, we have a complete platform that allows you to do so. 

Aggregate Your AppSec Visibility

Cycode enriches and aggregates data from other security tools

The modern software delivery process is plagued with complexity. Enterprises deploy siloed point solutions, creating a growing volume of alerts that overwhelm application security teams. All of this happens amidst a growing attack surface along with the expectation that development teams will continue to innovate faster. The current reality is not sustainable – AppSec and development teams need a more efficient way to deliver software faster without compromising on security.

By adding the visibility and context from a customer’s existing application security tooling via ConnectorX, we give developers and security teams comprehensive visibility into their code risks, help them focus on the critical 1%, and enable them to remediate these issues quickly. This represents a leap forward by giving enterprises the ability to ship secure code while maintaining the pace of innovation required for their competitive success.

Drive Security Outcomes Faster

Cycode helps companies tackle their security challenges proactively instead of reactively. By centralizing visibility from a disparate set of application security tools and using the global risk scoring engine via our Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), developers and security teams can immediately focus on mitigating the most significant risks. Cycode’s complete ASPM helps accelerate response times and improves security posture while maintaining the pace of innovation.

Cycode also has automated workflows that integrate with your ticketing platform of choice, assign it to the relevant developer, and drive accountability to fix the vulnerability in a timely manner. This not only facilitates quick and effective remediation but also embeds efficiency into the fabric of the development lifecycle. 

Achieve a Complete ASPM with Cycode and ConnectorX

The Only Complete Approach to ASPM

With a set of leading application security connectors, Cycode is now positioned as the industry’s only Complete ASPM. Cycode’s approach provides the centralization and visibility benefits of a standalone ASPM as well as the context enrichments and financial flexibility that comes along with native scanners. This approach is ideal for ensuring secure, high-velocity development while meeting the demands of modern software development.

How Cycode Can Help

If you’re excited to discover how your security and dev teams can achieve peace of mind with the only complete ASPM, don’t hesitate to get in touch and take it for a test drive!

Book a demo now to find out how we can help you achieve faster time to value, reduce critical vulnerabilities, and remediate faster.

Originally published: May 2, 2024