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Learnings From 3 Recent Supply Chain Attacks Not Named SolarWinds

Learnings From 3 Recent Supply Chain Attacks Not Named SolarWinds

Supply chain attacks are on the rise. SolarWinds gets all the attention, but supply chain attacks are not new. This webinar will cover 3 other supply chain attacks from 2020 that also wreaked havoc on their victims.

As directly attacking applications has become more difficult, attackers have turned their attention to indirect attacks that target their victims' supply chain. In other words, many attackers now attack the tools that are used to build products and services rather than the product or services themselves. Software customers and software vendors have different responsibilities to protect against Supply Chain Attacks, but responsibility for both falls on the CISO.

In this webinar, we discuss what a supply chain attack is based on real-life examples. We will review how and when various supply chain attacks have been executed and what we can learn from them.

Attendees will learn actionable steps from each supply chain attack to reduce their exposure, including:

  • Secure development best practices
  • Applying least privilege policies in the dev environment
  • Hardening authentication
  • Infrastructure-as-code best practices

Presented by:

Amnon Even-Zohar
Amnon Even-Zohar
Director of Product
Andrew Fife
Andrew Fife


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