CISOs Guide to Cyber Resiliency; Security, Speed & Innovation with ASPM

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In today’s digital world, code is the backbone of everything your business does. But securing it at every stage of development and building true cyber resiliency, without slowing things down, is a major challenge.

We sit down with the former CSO of TikTok, ADP and EMC to break down why modern enterprises are shifting towards a unified view of the entire code ecosystem to prioritize threats effectively and move security faster. Join us to find out what’s the secret to translating security insights into remedial action that actually works with, not against your developers.

Don’t miss:

  • How to get a unified view of pipelines, repositories & coding environments for full-picture decision making
  • The secret to turning security insights into easy remedial action for developers
  • CISO-tested frameworks for securing every stage of the SDLC without disrupting innovation

Presented by:

Roland Cloutier
Roland Cloutier
Former CSO, Tiktok, ADP, EMC
Amir Kazemi
Amir Kazemi
Director of Product Marketing


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