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ASPM – Application Security Posture Management

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Complete Visibility to Develop Securely and Innovate at High Velocity

Always see the complete risk posture of your organization — from commit to production. Cycode ASPM helps security and development teams work better together, focusing on the most critical vulnerabilities, all while helping keep developers innovating at the speed of DevOps. Cycode ASPM can either replace existing application testing tools with our native scanners or integrate with existing scanners to provide unparalleled visibility, prioritization, and remediation proven at scale.

The Power of the Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG)

Gain vulnerability traceability from code to cloud for total visibility of your SDLC, including application code, tool configurations, cloud infrastructure, ownership, and more. The RIG allows you to create custom policies for your organization’s unique needs.

Ruthless Prioritization from Code to Cloud

Cycode correlates security data from multiple sources to understand and prioritize vulnerabilities so you can put your resources and personnel to work resolving the most critical vulnerabilities first, reducing the backlog of findings that need to be evaluated and fixed.

Remediation at the Speed of DevOps

Let your developers fix vulnerabilities in the environments they’re used to. Cycode aggregates security alerts from all your scanners to present a comprehensive view of your risk. By correlating and deduplicating alerts that address multiple instances of a single vulnerability, you can fix a defect once, saving time and resources.

Controlled Shift Left

Cycode ASPM integrates security practices early in the software development lifecycle to foster collaboration between development and security teams. By embedding security in the design and coding stages, vulnerabilities can be identified and mitigated earlier, reducing risks and costs.

Pre-Built Integrations for All Your DevOps Tools

Enable complete supply chain security with pre-built integrations. Our integrations deploy in less than a minute to deliver immediate value and allow maximum agility across all of the tools that make up your SDLC.

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ASPM – Application Security Posture Management

integrity verification, anomaly detection, critical code monitoring & governance

The Cycode Security Stack

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