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secure your software delivery pipeline in one powerful platform

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    Hardcoded Secrets Detection

    Find existing secrets across your SDLC and block new secrets in pull requests
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    Source Code Leakage Detection

    Identify suspicious behavior and detection proprietary code exposures
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    Next-Gen SCA - Pipeline Composition Analysis

    Find all vulnerable dependencies across your entire SDLC with Pipeline Composition Analysis
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    Source Control & CI/CD Security

    Centrally manage governance & security policies across all your DevOps tools
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    SAST – Static Application Security Testing

    Zero in on vulnerabilities in custom developed code
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    ASOC - Application Security Orchestration & Correlation

    Discover and manage all security tooling and data across your SDLC from one central platform
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    Infrastructure as Code Security

    Prevent cloud misconfigurations and apply security standards to Terraform, Kubernetes, & more
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Cycode Wins the Triple Crown of Security Awards

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Contextual Insights

Connect the dots between tools and phases

Cycode’s knowledge graph offers complete software supply chain security by mapping metadata and events across every tool and resource that makes up your SDLC, helping to prioritize remediation and reduce false positives.

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More Integrations, More Context

Each new integration makes the knowledge graph smarter in order to better understand every release as it progresses.

No Code Policy

Answer difficult questions about your SDLC without
writing a single line of code.

Link Analysis Graph Explorer

Perform deep analysis of potential breach paths with a
visual link analysis of any event in your SDLC.