Introducing Cycode’s ASPM Marketplace

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Today is a big milestone for Cycode as we launch the industry’s first ASPM Marketplace. The ASPM Marketplace features more than 100 connectors and integrations that connect to a wide range of AppSec and DevOps tooling. 

With these connectors, organizations can discover, integrate, and ingest findings from relevant third-party security tools, complement and contextualize those findings with native scanners, and eliminate gaps within supply chain security. This gives organizations the flexibility to use both third-party and native Cycode scanners on one platform, reinforcing our position as the industry’s only complete ASPM.

Our goal with the ASPM Marketplace is twofold. First, we want to help customers discover valuable connectors that complement their existing application security workflows. Second, we want to provide a way to engage with the greater application security community.

Connectors and Integrations Extend Cycode’s Capabilities 

Cycode’s ASPM Marketplace showcases the valuable connectors and integrations that complement organizations’ application security workflows. This unique set of capabilities, along with Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), delivers a step change in the ability of developers and security teams to collaboratively diagnose, resolve, and preempt threats in their mission-critical code.

Cycode’s value is built on our Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), our queryable graph database that identifies the broader organizational impact of a vulnerability, connecting it across code to cloud and back to its owner so the developer has the full context to fix it. The RIG gives our customers unparalleled precision in their AppSec threat prioritization. 

We built our ASPM Marketplace strategy with that in mind and make a sharp distinction between connectors and integrations.


Our integrations enable real-time discoverability and visibility into your CI/CD pipelines and DevOps tools across your SDLC. This ensures we scan and monitor your development environments and provides traceability on detected vulnerabilities back to an individual developer and line of code.

Our integrations are built to seamlessly connect into your CI/CD and DevOps tools across the SDLC – think SCMs, artifact repositories, ticketing systems, and more. They also include our native scanning technologies like secrets scanning, SCA, SAST, container scanning, IaC, and much more.


Our connectors use the Cycode ConnectorX module and its click-and-connect APSM capability to ingest third-party security data. By pulling in relevant third-party AppSec data into the Cycode platform, we provide context-aware prioritization for our customers so that they can identify and fix their most critical security risks. Furthermore, our native scanners provide additional context to ingested third-party data and deliver a “trust but verify” approach unmatched by any other ASPM vendor. 

Engaging with the AppSec Community

Our complete ecosystem continues to grow and deliver more value to our customers, and our marketplace is the foundation that guides our approach. Through the ASPM Marketplace, Application Security ISVs can now partner with Cycode and customers can request an Integration. AppSec is a team sport, and we’re excited to continue to add to our lineup and deliver a complete ASPM platform.

Cycode is not trying to showcase the largest number of partners for its own sake, but building clear and compelling use cases around the most relevant AppSec and DevOps tools that our customers rely on.

Learn More About Cycode

Cycode is the leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), providing peace of mind to its customers. Our complete ASPM platform scales and standardizes developer security without slowing down the business, delivering safe code faster.

The platform can replace existing application security testing tools or integrate with them while providing cyber resiliency through unmatched visibility, risk driven prioritization, and just in-time remediation of code vulnerabilities as scale. Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), the brain behind the platform, provides traceability across the entire SDLC through natural language.

If you’re excited to discover how your security and dev teams can achieve peace of mind with the only complete ASPM, take it for a test drive! 

Book a demo now to find out how we can help you achieve faster time to value, reduce critical vulnerabilities, and remediate faster.

Originally published: May 15, 2024