5 Reasons to Read Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM

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Cycode’s new book Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM is a comprehensive resource for any security practitioner. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who has seen it all or someone who’s new to cybersecurity, Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM is full of wisdom and time-tested advice from experts who have secured some of the largest global enterprises.

We believe that this book is a must-read for anyone connected to or interested in securing their organization. But if you don’t believe us, we’ve put together five reasons why we think you should download Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM now.

1. Gain Expert Insights from 20 CISOs, Security, and DevSecOps Pros

In Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM, we’ve collaborated with top security experts from the largest global enterprises, including Cisco Meraki, NFL, HPE, RingCentral, Atlassian, and many more. These experts have secured incredibly complex organizations. We’ve gathered all their knowledge in one easy-to-access book to bring their insights directly to you.

Learn from practitioners who have seen it all and done it all. Our experts share both their successes and failures in application security to give you first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. This real-world advice will help you become a better security practitioner. 

2. Stay Informed of Today’s Threat Landscape

Today’s threat landscape is more complex than ever, and this complexity is continuing to increase. So how do you stay on top of security when the challenges are constantly changing? Understanding past and current trends is the first step in predicting the future of this market. 

This book helps you navigate the shifting threat landscape of AppSec chaos, the challenges of vulnerability management, and the increasingly complex world of compliance. By reading this book from industry-leading experts, you can enhance your knowledge and skills to become more proficient in securing your organization.

3. Understand the Impact of AI

Recent advancements in AI have profoundly impacted application security. Every company is now a software company and is dealing with – and trying to secure – more code than ever before. AI has amplified this problem. 

With AI, developers have increased their productivity significantly, yet AI-generated code has impacted code quality. We now have more code to secure, and it is more vulnerable. To add to this problem, more developers are copying and pasting code without fully understanding its architecture or the dependencies it pulls in. By relying on AI-generated code without fully comprehending its impact, companies are unintentionally expanding their attack surfaces and becoming more vulnerable as a result.

In Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM, we ask our experts about the impact of AI on code quality and organizational security. The insights in this book shine light on this increasing nuanced issue, making this book a must read!

4. Learn Practical Tips for Securing Your Enterprise

Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM is much more than just our experts waxing philosophical about yesterday’s triumphs. This book is filled with practical, real-life examples on how to secure your organization today. It also asks probing questions to set you up for success in the future.

Are you wondering the best way to measure the success of your AppSec program? We asked our experts about analysis and metrics. Do you need to meet the latest compliance standards? Our expert weigh in on how to be proactive when it comes to reporting and attestation requirements. There is so much more practice guidance, but you can only access it if you download and read the book!

5. Uncover the Benefits of Code Resiliency and ASPM

Forward-thinking organizations are adopting modern code resiliency techniques. Code resiliency is the ability of software applications to withstand unexpected errors, failures, or adverse conditions while maintaining functionality and performance. Unfortunately, traditional AppSec point solutions have been unable to secure expanding attack surfaces and deliver code resiliency. To remedy these shortfalls, application security is moving toward a consolidated platform in the form of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM).

This book goes deep into code resiliency and shows how ASPM can help address today’s AppSec deficits. Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes to elevate their security posture and build a culture of security awareness and responsibility, so download the book now!

Bonus Reason: Attend Our Webinar

We are so excited about all the collective wisdom in our book that we’ve decided to pull together a number of our expert contributors in a live session dedicated to code resilience, ASPM, and application security.

Join us for a virtual panel event with some of the world’s leading CISOs.

The executive panel discussion will equip you with CISO-tested strategies on application security posture management. This includes unfiltered insights and advice on balancing speed, innovation, developer productivity, and compliance with application security. This panel also provides a view of the future, as our authors share predictions for how code security is evolving and strategies for the threats of tomorrow.

You just can’t miss this event, so sign up now!

Download This Book Now!

We have brought together the brightest minds in the field of application security. This book helps organizations of all sizes elevate their security posture and build a culture of security awareness and responsibility. 

Whether you are a seasoned security professional or a business leader looking to enhance your organization’s security resilience, the insights shared in Code Resilience in the Age of ASPM serve as a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of the modern cybersecurity landscape to drive meaningful change within your organization.

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Cycode is the leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) providing peace of mind to its customers. Its Complete ASPM platform scales and standardizes developer security without slowing down the business — delivering safe code, faster.

The platform can replace existing application security testing tools or integrate with them while providing cyber resiliency through unmatched visibility, risk driven prioritization and just in-time remediation of code vulnerabilities as scale. Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), the ‘brain’ behind the platform, provides traceability across the entire SDLC through natural language.

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