The AppSec Revolution: Overcoming Chaos With Complete ASPM

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As businesses race to innovate and ship software fast, AppSec teams face mounting pressure to secure software applications. The current AppSec landscape, plagued by tool sprawl and alert fatigue, hinders visibility into critical vulnerabilities, creating a state of 'AppSec chaos.' Regulatory demands add complexity, forcing AppSec teams to balance innovation with the secure and timely delivery of applications.  Join us and our panel of special guest speakers - Jamie Sadler, Application Security Manager at theScore and James Berthoty, Security Engineer at PagerDuty - as we discuss how AppSec teams can navigate the difficult landscape, and why more and more enterprises are moving to complete ASPM solutions to overcome tool sprawl, alert fatigue and distrust between security and developers. You’ll learn how to create order from chaos with complete ASPM.

Don't miss this episode that covers:

  • How crowded AppSec tool stacks are creating visibility issues and blindspots
  • Why vulnerability noise and alert fatigue are straining security and development teams
  • How to create order from chaos with complete ASPM consolidation

Presented by:

Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Jamie Sadler
Jamie Sadler
Application Security Manager - theScore
James Berthoty
James Berthoty
Security Engineer - PagerDuty


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