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Innovative Strategies for
Developing Secure Applications

Thursday, FEB 29, 2024 11:00AM ET | 8:00AM PT

Cybersecurity and AppSec leaders are coming together for ASPM Nation. This exclusive event is a space to discuss security challenges in application development, how to manage emerging threats and technical complexities, plus predictions for the future of secure software development.

ASPM Nation’s Speakers

Roland Cloutier Former Global Chief Security Officer TikTok & ByteDance, ADP, EMC.
Nambivengadam Srinivasan General Manager – Cyber Security, DevSecOps
Clint Gibler Founder of tl;dr sec; Head of Security Research at Semgrep
Tanya Janca Founder, CEO,
Security Trainer
Gili Lev Managing Director CyberSecurity | Cloud Security
James Berthoty Security Engineer
Itai Marongwe Product Security Engineer
Jamie Sadler Head of Application Security
Roxy Tait Head of AppSec
& Pen Testing
Ronen Slavin CTO & Co-Founder
Lotem Guy VP of Product
Amir Kazemi Director of Product Marketing
Julie Peterson Senior Product Marketing Manager
Shawna Alpdemir Strategic Customer Success Manager
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Why Should You
Attend ASPM Nation?
  • Where Innovation Meets Expertise: Hear insights from industry leaders on cybersecurity trends and practical advice to scale your ASPM program.
  • Cutting-Edge Solutions Spotlight: Get a sneak peek of our upcoming product launch from Cycode’s VP of Product.
  • Collaborative Networks Forged: Be a part of this vibrant professional community shaping the future of ASPM.

Score a $100 Airbnb gift card by taking a demo meeting after registering (for qualified participants only). Also, the first 30 attendees to tune in when the event starts will receive an exclusive ASPM trailblazer swag kit delivered to your doorstep after the event.

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