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Software Supply Chain Security: Don’t Get Your Code Tampered

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Software Supply Chain Security: Don’t Get Your Code Tampered

Software security has gained massive awareness since the end of 2020 due to two major attacks on software supply chains. Both the SolarWinds and the Kaseya attacks affected the systems of many clients and put an increased focus on the need for improving software security. Securing the entire SDLC so it doesn’t fall victim to these attacks is both a challenge and an imperative.

Code tampering prevention is a key element within software security. Attackers might alter code or inject malicious code at any point within the SDLC, so code tampering prevention must span the entire pipeline. Successful implementation of a secure SDLC with strong code tampering prevention, therefore, requires solutions that cover all stages of the software delivery pipeline from the SDLC to the runtime environment in an integrated manner.

Read this report to learn:

  • The need for software supply chain security
  • Where code tampering fits into secure SDLC strategies
  • How to implement a multi-layered approach to code tampering prevention


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