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How To Select DevSecOps Tools
For Secure Software Delivery


Enforce Enterprise-Wide Policies Across Your
SDLC to Strengthen Source Control & CI/CD Security

As DevOps toolchains become more complex, managing policies across the entire SDLC becomes more painful. Moreover, larger organizations have multiple teams using different tools; acquisitions exacerbate this problem further. Cycode applies and enforces consistent governance and security policies across all your teams and tools.

Source Control & CI/CD Security

Enforce Least Privilege

Audit privileges across your entire SDLC—such as which users have access to code repositories, read vs. write, and/or user vs. admin, etc.—then enforce least privilege policies and separation of duties to reduce security risks and meet compliance requirements (SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, etc.).

Harden Authentication

Developers are the new target. Attackers are seeking to compromise developers’ accounts via spear phishing, stolen credentials, and brute force attacks.

Cycode helps enforce strong authentication policies such as multi-factor authentication and single sign-on to ensure each user actually is who they claim to be.

Source Control & CI/CD Security
Source Control & CI/CD Security

Detect Anomalous Activity

Identify insider threats by learning how users interact with tools in the SDLC, and then automatically detecting high-risk deviations from learned baselines— like cloning code from unknown locations, or cloning excessive repos within a short period of time.

Secure Change Across DevOps Tools

Cycode helps securely manage change across code bases and tools in each facet and phase of your SDLC.

Branch Protection

Branch Protection

Ensure compliance by enforcing key branch protection rules such as peer review, commit signing, disallowing forced pushes, hardcoded secrets detected, etc.

Security Updates

Security Updates

Monitor for critical security updates to on-premises deployments of key DevOps tools to prevent CI/CD pipeline breaches by known vulnerabilities.

Build Rules

Build Rules

Ensure security and integrity by enforcing security rules for every build such as confirming security build steps are executed as part of the build process, IaC misconfigurations, hardcoded secrets and more.

Complete Software
Supply Chain Security

Cycode provides visibility, security, and integrity across all phases of the SDLC. Cycode hardens your SDLC’s security posture by implementing consistent governance, and reduces the risk of breaches with a series of scanning engines that look for issues like hardcoded secrets, code leaks, SCA, misconfigurations, SAST and more.

Cycode’s Knowledge Graph tracks code integrity, user activity, and events across the SDLC to prioritize risk, find anomalies, and prevent code tampering.

Cycode Solutions

Pre-Built Integrations
for All Your DevOps Tools

Pre-built integrations typically deploy in 2-3 clicks and less than 1 minute to deliver immediate value and allow maximum agility across all of the tools that make up your SDLC.

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Source Control & CI/CD Security

Centrally manage governance & security policies across all your DevOps tools

The Cycode Security Stack

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