Integrates with cycode
Integrates with Cycode


Bitbucket is a Git-based source code repository hosting service owned by Atlassian. It gives development teams a central place to manage git repositories, collaborate on source code, and guide stakeholders through the development flow. Bitbucket is written in Python and uses the Django web framework.

Bitbucket was launched in 2008, in Australia, and was originally an independent startup offering hosting only for Mercurial projects. It was acquired in 2010 by fellow Australian company Atlassian, and about a year later added support for Git repos. Until recently, Bitbucket used to support both Git and Mercurial repository hosting.

BitBucket Features

  • Code Review System

This SCM has a robust code review system that helps the developers and the reviewers review a pull request quickly. It has a commit-level review system and enables users to check the updated code. Multiple reviewers can be added to make contributions.

  • In-line Discussion

In-line discussion can be used to add inline comments and threaded conversations within the code snippet. This provides an interface for developers to exchange feedback. For example, if a reviewer has suggested a change to certain business logic, this feedback will be visible adjacent to the relevant code.

  • BitBucket Cloud & Server

If a team size is small (1-5 developers) they can opt for Bitbucket Cloud. Enterprise teams and teams wanting an on-premises deployment option can opt for BitBucket Server.

  • Built-In Issue Tracker

Issues can be easily tracked in BitBucket with its built-in system. The tracker includes the fields version, milestone, owner, and other information pertinent to project stakeholders. The built-in issue tracker can also help us to check the status of the bugs, new feature requests from the client, and tasks assigned.

  • Interface

Developers can easily search for repositories, pull requests, branches, usernames, other features of the tools, etc using the Bitbucket interface.

  • Ticketing Integrations

This SCM offers integrations with ticketing systems to help automatically create and move tickets. For example, Jira and Trello can be easily integrated into BitBucket, enabling users to freely track the issue status or the bug report without leaving the current tool.


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