Git is a free, distributed, and open-source version control system used for source code management. Git is used for tracking changes in the source code, enabling multiple developers to work together asynchronously. Git supports non-linear development through its thousands of parallel branches.

Git Features

  • Tracks history

Git maintains a log of who made code changes, and when they were made.

  • Free and open source

Organizations of all different sizes use this source control manager; it’s free to use and transparent.

  • Supports non-linear development

Branching functionality enables the development of multiple features simultaneously on different branches. Branches may be merged back into the main branch once development is complete, and developers may resolve any conflicts within git.

  • Creates backups

Git enables organizations to create backups of their repositories. These repos may be hosted on a platform such as GitHub, or there may be an on-premise deployment.

  • Scalable

This source control method supports an ever-increasing number of repos, branches, and developers that join a growing organization.

  • Supports collaboration

Git provides functionality to allow developers to synchronously and asynchronously build together in a shared codebase.

  • Branching is easier

Branching in git may be done with simple syntax. To create a new branch, one would enter the following:

git branch <new-branch>

into their terminal while in the root directory of a git repo

  • Distributed development

This tool is hosted independently on each developer’s machine. This enables each developer to have a full copy of the project and branches on their machine.

Git is widely used for source code management in software development.

Git Commands

  • Create Repositories
    • init – instantiates new repo
  • Make Changes
    • add – used to add files to a commit
    • commit – used to declare a commit. Frequently followed by -m command to add a commit message
    • status – checks status of repository
  • Parallel Development
    • branch – used to instantiate or checkout to new branch
    • merge – used to merge changes from remote or local development environment
    • rebase
  • Sync Repositories
    • push – used to pull changes from remote
    • pull – used to push changes to remote
    • add origin – used to set the remote URL



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