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How To Select DevSecOps Tools
For Secure Software Delivery


Reduce Code Tampering Risk

Unlike traditional attacks, the key to code tampering prevention is hardening the software supply chain. However, software supply chain’s attack surfaces are so vast and interconnected, that no single point solution or approach can provide comprehensive protection. Code tampering prevention requires a modern take on age-old concept: Defense in depth. Only by orchestrating a suite of tools, working in concert across each phase of the SDLC can code tampering risk be effectively mitigated.

Validate Integrity in Every
Step of the SDLC

Cycode’s knowledge graph makes it easy to confirm that inputs and outputs match across all the interconnections within your software delivery pipeline.

For example, Cycode can detect when signed commits in your code repository don’t match their corresponding files in your build system, or when Infrastructure as Code (IaC) configurations drift from actual production settings and many other handshakes across your SDLC. Validating this match serves as a means of code tampering prevention.

Code Tampering Prevention
Code Tampering Prevention

Monitor Critical Code

Cycode monitors important code snippets such as build rules, branch protection rules, CI/CD settings, IaC, etc. that should never be changed inadvertently. Alerts can be configured so that key team members are notified of every change to ensure that changes to key code are always expected and deliberate.

Detect Anomalies

Cycode’s learns the patterns of your systems, processes, and user behavior; with this ability, deviations from the norm become easy to detect.

Suspicious anomalies may be as simple as a suspicious repository configuration, login time, or geography, or as complicated as multiple compromised developer accounts being used to peer review pull requests; Cycode can detect many of these anomalies with the power of our knowledge graph and policies.

Code Tampering Prevention

Complete Software
Supply Chain Security

Cycode provides visibility, security, and integrity across all phases of the SDLC. Cycode hardens your SDLC’s security posture by implementing consistent governance, and reduces the risk of breaches with a series of scanning engines that look for issues like hardcoded secrets, code leaks, SCA, misconfigurations, SAST and more.

Cycode’s Knowledge Graph tracks code integrity, user activity, and events across the SDLC to prioritize risk, find anomalies, and prevent code tampering.

Cycode Solutions

Pre-Built Integrations
for All Your DevOps Tools

Pre-built integrations typically deploy in 2-3 clicks and less than 1 minute to deliver immediate value and allow maximum agility across all of the tools that make up your SDLC.

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Code Tampering Prevention

integrity verification, anomaly detection, critical code monitoring & governance

The Cycode Security Stack

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