Cycode Launches New Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) Solution

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Organizations are struggling to manage and secure their development infrastructure. The number of development tools in modern software delivery pipelines has exploded. These tools are often purchased outside the purview of security and are configured for development efficiency, not security. In addition, many of these tools generate numerous alerts that must be triaged and remediated. 

Software development tools have been the source of many high-profile breaches in recent years. Despite this, security teams lack full control over these tools. This limited visibility into development pipelines creates huge blind spots for security programs and prevents organizations from fully managing their risks. 

Security teams are unable to keep up.

How Does Cycode ASPM Work?

Cycode Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) gives security and development teams complete visibility into their tooling, consolidates all alerts on one platform, and accelerates software delivery by establishing consistent, automated, non-disruptive security controls in development pipelines.

  1. Automated Tool Discovery Without Integrations – Find all your tools across all pipelines without first requiring an integration. This means you can discover tools you didn’t even know you had.
  2. Pipeline Security Posture – Manage pipeline and tool configurations, so you can make informed decisions about the security status of software at all stages of development.
  3. Unified AppSec Management – Aggregate, deduplicate, and view scan results from multiple AppSec tools in one easy-to-use platform.

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What Are the Benefits of Cycode ASPM?

Cycode ASPM has far-reaching benefits for security, DevOps, and development teams. Purpose built for security professionals, Cycode ASPM addresses AppSec’s major pain points, including tool sprawl and alert fatigue. DevOps teams benefit from centralized scanning for tool misconfigurations to secure pipelines and help prevent software supply chain attacks. Finally, we believe that developers should code first. This is why Cycode has designed frictionless security that allows organizations to deliver secure software without slowing down development.

With Cycode ASPM, you can:

  • Achieve Clarity Across Your Development Pipelines – Automatically view all tools and scan results from one platform, eliminating blind spots and effortlessly gaining complete visibility of your development pipelines.
  • Sharpen Insights for Greater Efficiency – Analyze scan results from a centralized location to quickly drive more meaningful insights and identify security trends across your organization.
  • Aggregate All Vulnerabilities on One Platform – Orchestrate all your alerts on one platform to avoid context switching and save your most valuable resource: time. 
  • Limit Alerts to Increase Productivity – Deduplicate vulnerabilities to cut down on the noise. Less noise means faster remediation and more time building the features that matter.
  • Foster Cross-Team Correlation – Reduce friction between security and development teams so that secure products are shipped fast.

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Learn More About Cycode

Cycode ASPM is one solution in the Cycode platform. Cycode’s modern approach to application security enables organizations to effectively secure their cloud-native applications with cost-efficient use of tooling and staff across the SDLC. We gives security teams the ability to drive digital transformation through a unified platform that delivers:

  • High-efficiency risk mitigation
  • Tool consolidation and cost reduction
  • Operational efficiency and business acceleration

To learn more about Cycode ASPM, visit the ASPM solution page.

Originally published: April 17, 2023