Complete Software Supply Chain Security

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Understand your entire SDLC including tooling, configurations, activity, risk and security posture.
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Find and fix vulnerabilities in custom code, open source and pipeline dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code.
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Prevent SDLC breaches by implementing security controls, identifying code leaks, hardcoded secrets, & misconfigurations.

How Software Engineering Leaders Can Mitigate Software Supply Chain Security Risks

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Contextual Insights

Connect the dots between tools and phases

Cycode’s knowledge graph offers complete software supply chain security by mapping metadata and events across every tool and resource that makes up your SDLC, helping to prioritize remediation and reduce false positives.

More Integrations, More Context

Each new integration makes the knowledge graph smarter in order to better understand every release as it progresses.

No Code Policy

Answer difficult questions about your SDLC without
writing a single line of code.

Link Analysis Graph Explorer

Perform deep analysis of potential breach paths with a
visual link analysis of any event in your SDLC.

Automated workflows

Orchestrate & Automate

Automate notification, tracking, and remediation of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across the phases and tools in your SDLC to increase developer productivity.

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Cycode Platform Solutions
Cycode Platform Solutions

developer first design

Integrate Seamlessly Into Developer Workflows

Insert security into commits and pull requests so developers never have to leave their environment.

  • Maximize security without sacrificing developers’ efficiency or agility.
  • Deliver the right developers the right vulnerabilities at the right time.
Cycode Integrations
Pre-Built Integrations for All Your DevOps Tools


Pre-Built Integrations for All Your DevOps Tools

Enable complete supply chain security with pre-built integrations. Our integrations deploy in less than a minute to deliver immediate value and allow maximum agility across all of the tools that make up your SDLC.


Best Practices To Protect and Control Your Software Supply Chain

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