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Reduce Code Tampering Risks

Ensure Code Integrity Across All Phases of the SDLC

Monitor Code Integrity

  • Cycode’s knowledge graph makes monitoring integrity very simple
  • The output of an early phase can be easily compared to the input of a later phase to confirm the integrity
  • SolarWinds Example: Code in the source control management system doesn’t match source code in the build system
  • Codecov Example: A shell script in the main branch doesn’t match the file in the storage bucket

Critical Code Monitoring

  • Monitor snippets of key code to ensure they only change when intended to
  • Ensure that security build rules are not circumvented
  • Audit changes through code to CI/CD and infrastructure configurations

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Increase the integrity of your DevOps pipeline

Suspicious Anomaly Detection

  • Cycode’s knowledge graph profiles tool usage patterns & user behavior
  • Behavioral analytics detect deviations from the norm 
  • Contextual insights are created by scoring anomalies across multiple vectors 
  • When combined, committing to a new repo, at odd hours and from a new IP address could indicate a compromised account

Defense in Depth

  • Least privilege to know the committer was authorized to write code
  • Strong authentication to know the committer is who they say they are
  • Plus policies for PKI, branch protections, user management, and hiring practices

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