use case

Detecting Hardcoded Secrets

Find & Block Secrets Before they Reach the Main Branch

Identify Common &
Custom Secrets

  • API keys & encryption keys
  • Tokens & passwords
  • Database connection strings
  • Other high entropy strings & custom secrets

Contextually Prioritize

  • Confirm which secrets found in development are actually are exposed in production
  • Scoring of secret types by risk-level

Does Your Code Contain Secrets?

Scan Your Source Code for Hardcoded Secrets

Integrate with Pull

  • Detect & block secrets before they reach the main branch
  • Provide the right developer the right secret violations at the right time
  • Enable developers to tune the engine without leaving their environment

A Complete Solution

  • Scan main branches, version history and pull requests
  • Works with all programming languages
  • Works with Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Customize policies by team or repo

Works with All Your Source
Control Management Systems

Integrate in 20 Seconds

Remediation Workflows

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