Integrates with cycode
Integrates with Cycode


CircleCI is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that can be used to automatically run builds and test processes whenever developers commit code. This platform also includes functionality to display the build status of your GitHub branch.

CircleCI offers a cloud-based CI orchestration tool, as well as an enterprise version that can be set up as an on-premises deployment. It was founded in 2011 and is based out of San Francisco.

Features of CircleCI

  • Serves around 30,000 clients and can run a million daily tasks.
  • Offers performance-based scaling options.
  • Incorporates SSH into the build and test runs to debug.
  • Enables setting up parallel builds for faster execution of the process.

This tool comes with an in-built feature to enable parallelism. This is achieved by running multiple containers at once.

  • Runs every task as a new container, preventing stale build data from causing issues.

CircleCI offers application-level security. This program offers runtime isolation using hermetically deployed containers, providing a secure build environment.

  • Announces the end of task execution via Email Notification.
  • It offers numerous orbs (plugins) that help connect the existing tool setup.

Orbs are plugins for this tool that help integrate with various tools. Orbs are structured in a standard way and have common best practices making it easy for users to utilize them.

  • Offers cached third-party configurations and application specifications instead of system deployment.

This CI/CD platform is SOC II compliant, and FedRAMP certified.


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