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Centralize Governance & Security Policies

Enforce Enterprise-Wide Policies to Protect DevOps Tools & Infrastructure

DevOps Pipeline
Assets Inventory

  • Easily search, sort, & filter
  • Access & authorization
  • Teams, users & contributors
  • Tools & Repositories
  • Automate compliance audits & access reviews

Harden Authentication
Across the DevOps Pipeline

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • IP range restrictions
  • Single sign-on

Audit Excess Privileges to Maximize Security

  • Identify underutilized access authorization
  • Enforce separation of duties

Enforce Least Privilege

  • Audit for excess privileges
  • Separate developer and operations duties 
  • Read vs. write 
  • Admin vs. user

Protect Your Master Branch

  • Reduce code tampering risks
  • Disable forced pushes
  • Enforce commit signing 
  • Ensure all new code is peer-reviewed
  • Monitor critical code

Works with All Your Source
Control Management Systems

Integrate in 20 Seconds

Remediation Workflows

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